Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

ZABSI Industrial Ventilation Sdn. Bhd.
  • ZABSI recognizes our employees as vital resources. Together, we place the safety and occupational health of our employees as our top priority.

  • The management fully commit itself to take all reasonable steps in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment and exercises appropriate action in promoting safety, health and environment awareness to our employees as well as public community.

  • The management puts Safety, Health and Environment function on par with other management functions and assigns responsibilities to all managers and supervisors in ensuring that all works are carried out in a safe, healthy and environment friendly manner.

  • The employees are also equally responsible in adopting the safe work practices and maintaining safe working condition.

  • The management assures that they will not compromise safety of their employees for any reason and they will comply with all legislative requirements such as DOSH and any other regulatory legislation, etc.

  • The management shall implement the Safety Management System for the purpose of ensuring the safety ad occupational health of their employees.

  • Accident prevention is a team effort. Everybody shall cooperate to achieve Zero accident/loss and maintain a safe and health working environment.
Quality Policy

The management and staffs of ZABSI are committed in meeting customer requirements and achieve total customer satisfaction through excellence in the following areas :

Technical competency to achieve minimum “good” rating for all job completed for customer.
Time completion of project and services. To achieve good success rate of having no client-requested re-work or claims for poor technical services provided.
Prompt response and services. To achieve good rating job completion in accordance to customer required date.