Industrial Portable Aircond Rental


We also provide rental industrial portable aircond services that have several types of HP which is 1.5HP, 2HP, 10HP, 30HP, 60HP. Our industrial portable aircond not only can be used for industry purpose but this portable aircond also useful for any public events such as wedding event, happy eid day event and etc.  Every rental that we do will also provide delivery and installation services for our clients. For more details, we provide for you our industrial portable aircond catalogue.

Industrial portable aircond has become a need nowadays.
  1. Ideal for both industrial and special events.
    - special events; wedding, exhibition, open area,
    - industrial need; confine space,

  2. Delivery and Installation services included
  3. Available in various capacity; 1.5hp, 2.5hp, 10hp, 30hp, 40hp and 60hp.
    Do consult us for capacity requirement. We guarantee the best experience you would ever feel.

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